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WaterSpark Group specialises in residential and commercial electrical services including the installation and maintenance of lighting & power systems suited to your needs.

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Electricity powers all the appliances in your space that make day-to-day activities more efficient so proper installation is crucial. Water Spark Group has nationally licensed and highly skilled electricians that will help assure you that your lighting and power installations are done right, on time and within budget.

Power Supply Types

Your choice of power supply depends mainly on consumption requirements and the capabilities and limits of the central power source.

Unregulated (Brute Force)

The most basic type with output fully dependent on the input voltage making it unstable. The pros of using this system is that it’s cheap, simple and efficient.

Linear Regulated

This type is basically an Unregulated Type with a transistor circuit that regulates excess voltage input. The downside is that it only drops excess voltage but does not add in cases wherein the input is too low so ideal input voltage should always be in excess, producing too much heat and rendering the system ineffective and inefficient.


This type addresses the shortcomings of its predecessors having a “universal” input capability. It has become the most popular choice due to its high efficiency, light weight, and small size.

Power System Structure

The structure creates a network which consists of the generation, distribution and transmission of power in the system.

Power Source
The majority of modern power sources are electric and deliver output current and voltage.
Electric Meter
Electric meters measure and display an accurate measurement of electricity usage. The most common calibration is in kilowatt-hour [kWh].
Service Panel
Located close to the electric meter, the service panel receives electrical power from the power source and reroutes it to the different supply circuits and outlets in a home or building.
Subpanels act as a satellite panel for the main service panel. It is typically added if the main panel is full, if there is a heavy load of electrical requirements, or if there is a requirement to extend the wiring in cases where a room is a distance away from the main panel.

There are usually three main reasons to install subpanels: space, convenience or efficiency. As with anything that involves delicate projects, it would be recommended to have them installed by a licensed electrician. Contact us today to get a free quote on subpanel installations.


Wiring is the main path that the electrical current travels through from the main power source to your appliances, light fixtures, and equipment. There are several types of wiring and each of them has a specific task.

  • Live wire
  • Neutral wire
  • Earth or Ground wire
Electrical Boxes
Electrical boxes or junction boxes, enclose wire connections to protect against potentially harmful external factors and internal factors that could be harmful to your home or building such as short circuits that can be a cause of fire.
Electrical outlets are points of access to power electrical appliances, light fixtures, equipment, etc. There are several types and each has unique functions, characteristics, and features.
Switches control the output of electrical power into the home or building by allowing the electrical current to be turned on or off. There are different switch styles, such as toggle, rocker, slider, or push-button but the differences in design do not affect its functionality.
Appliances, Light Fixtures, Equipment, etc.
The final point of the structure, the appliances, light fixtures, equipment, etc. is when electrical power from the main power source gets converted into energy.

Other Electrical Services

Electric Car Charging

Fire Alarms

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At WaterSpark, we consistently provide efficient concepts, installations, and maintenance of your essential mechanical, electrical, and renewable energy needs. Our highly-skilled team is more than capable to get the job done no matter how big or small the project is.

WaterSpark Group provides you with effective and cost effective solutions to create a safe and comfortable environment for your systems to operate at its best.

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