Heat Recovery Systems

WaterSpark Group specialises in residential and commercial renewables services including the installation and maintenance of heat recovery systems suited to your needs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Maximise the heat that your space is already producing with a continuous and renewable heat energy system.

Benefits of Using Heat Recovery Systems

There are numerous advantages of using heat recovery systems and below are the main reasons why its popularity is rising.

Energy Efficiency

The constant flow of recycled energy reduces your power costs. Heat recovery systems also lower the levels of carbon dioxide while increasing your boiler efficiency.

Maintains Air Quality

Its self-contained environment and filtration system creates consistently comfortable, healthy and improved overall air quality.

Combats Condensation

Condensation not only slowly deteriorates your home or office’s structure such as paint and wood but is also harmful to people’s health if exposed to over time. Using heat recovery systems reduces humidity and condensation and continuously supplies clean and crisp air.

Types of Heat Recovery Systems

Depending on the heating or cooling requirements, ventilation, and infrastructure suitability, there are a variety of available heat recovery systems to choose from.

Rotary Heat Exchangers or Thermal Wheel Heat Recovery

The name is derived from its wheel-like construction which transfers humidity from extracted air outdoors into indoor thermal comfort. It filters then heats or cools down air between the layers of its foil mechanisms to produce the desired air temperature and quality.

Plate Heat Exchangers (Cross Flow or Counter Flow) or Recuperator Technology
They are compact heat exchangers that heat or cool air that flows between a series of thin plates; transferring thermal energy between two fluids.
Integrated Heat Pumps

The intergrated heat pump has a more condensed system than its traditional counterpart. It relies on existing residual energy along with natural energy, requiring less electric power thus lowering running and maintainance cost.

High Efficiency Run-around Coil Systems (RAC) or Closed Loop Technology
Its closed-loop system creates a self-sustaining environment through coils wrapped around the supply and exhaust air stream, transforming outdoor air into the desired indoor quality via a heat transfer fluid.
Heat Pipe Technology

One of the most efficient modes of heat transfer, heat pipes transfers heat through two solid interfaces. It has a highly effective thermal conductivity and is more lightweight than its counterparts.

Boiler Flue Economisers

Also called a flue gas heat recovery unit, it is added onto a new boiler installation or retrofitted to an existing boiler. It creates a sustainable environment by recovering exhausted heat and converting it into renewable energy. It increases boiler efficiency and reduces fuel costs.

Sorption Supported Air Conditioning
Sorption Supported Air Conditioning dehumidifies and dries air while cooling via an electricity-driven mechanical compression cycle. It is a more efficient and economical alternative to existing and conventional air cooling systems.
Ductless Ventilation with Heat Recovery
Its simplified mechanism stores heat and has a regenerative core, increasing efficiency by up to 90%. It has a centralised ductless ventilation system, making it an easy install for both new builds and retrofits.
Residential Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)
MVHRs maintain a continuous supply and extraction of air at a low rate, requiring little energy which makes it sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost effective. It provides consistently regulated air temperate and recovers otherwise wasted heated air and creates an overall improved indoor air quality.

Other Renewable Energy Services

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