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WaterSpark Group specialises in residential and commercial electrical services including the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems suited to your needs.

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Currently, there is a wide range of fire alarms out in the market. They vary in triggers such as smoke detection and extreme and rapid elevation of heat but all of them have one goal – to keep you safe and make you feel secure in your space.

Types of Fire Alarms

Fire alarm types vary in how they detect fires. The 2 main types are heat detection and smoke detection. We’ve narrowed them down below.

Heat Sensitive Point Detectors

These types of alarms are only triggered by a high increase in air temperature which is both a pro and a con. It’s efficient because there are fewer instances of false alarms as compared to smoke detectors but on the other hand, it takes a while for it to be triggered. Not ideal for situations when time is of the essence.

Ionisation Smoke Alarm

These alarm types are the most commonly seen because they are inexpensive and easily accessible to purchase. They are the most sensitive alarm type and are triggered by smoke from fast-burning fires such as paper or wood and sets off before the smoke gets too thick. However, because of this, they are also the most prone to false alarms.

Photoelectric (Optical) Alarm

These detect larger particles of smoke produced by slow-burning or smouldering fires. They are more reliable than ionisation smoke alarms and set off fewer false alarms but they are also more expensive.

Ionisation/Photoelectric (Multi-sensor) Alarm

These types of alarms combine the strengths of all the other types and can detect fast-burning smoke, slow-burning smoke, and rise in temperature. These are also the least likely to trigger false alarms.

Best Practices for Fire Alarm Installation

Proper positioning of your fire alarm could make all the difference. It is advisable to have your alarms installed by professionals to ensure that they are optimised for when you need them most.

  • ZTest your new smoke alarm as soon as it's installed
  • ZAt the centre of the ceiling in each room (central location is key)
  • ZAt least 1 foot away from any other ceiling appliance or decor that can block or hinder airflow
  • ZInterlink smoke alarms so all rooms will be alerted
  • ZInstall smoke alarms at least 10 feet from cooking appliance to reduce false alarms
  • ZPerform power tests at least once a month and keep a maintenance schedule
  • ZHave an evacuation or fire safety plan in place

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