Heat Pumps

WaterSpark Group specialises in residential and commercial renewables services including the installation and maintenance of heat pump systems suited to your needs.

The Green Energy Solution


An environmentally friendly and extremely efficient alternative to conventional home heating systems, heat pumps lower your carbon emission, reduce your heating costs, and is a low-risk heating option.

Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are mainly efficient because they collect existing heat from their environment and the types differ from their heat sources such as air, water, or ground.


Air source is the most common heat pump because they are the most inexpensive option and are easy to position.

Ground Source / Water Source

Because water source heat pumps require a body of water, they are not as common as air-to-air types.


Geothermal heat pumps extract thermal energy from underground making them efficient because of the stable temperature of their source. However, the installation and equipment is the most expensive type because of the complicated infrastructure requirements.

Should I switch to heat pumps?

Is investing in heat pumps worth it? Here are the pros and cons.


  • ZRunning cost and maintenance are lower than electric or gas systems
  • ZLow-carbon heating alternative
  • ZSelf sufficient, less maintenance requirement and long lifespan
  • ZEco-friendly (Lower carbon emissions)
  • ZEligible for government schemes
  • ZSafer to operate and come with less safety concerns


  • ZUpfront cost is higher than electric or gas systems
  • ZReliance on electricity makes it inoperable during power outages

Other Renewable Energy Services

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WaterSpark Group provides you with effective and cost effective solutions to create a safe and comfortable environment for your systems to operate at its best.

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